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Solar sales and service in these areas, If you’re looking for a solar power system in Perth or Western Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Solar power has become synonymous with Perth and it’s no wonder why. Perth is not only one of Australia’s sunniest cities, but electricity prices are particularly expensive compared to other cap tals, making solar power and solar hot water systems a clever  investment for the people of the Western state. With a huge range of  high-quality and Australian  supported products, here at German Solar Power, We make choosing the right renewable energy Solution for your home or business easy. Because we source our solar Panels and inverters direct from the manufacturer, your’re  able to take advantage of exceptional deals all year round.Living in Perth presents an excellent opportunity for home and business owners to cut their power bills and harmful carbon emissions.With brilliant sunny conditions lasting more than half of the year, your solar panels will provide great results great  and incredible savings.With our experience in solar PV systems and hot water solution stretching over many years, we’ve seen the uptake of solar power in Perth grow substantially over the yera and we’re proud to have  years been a part of it!

How solar power can work for you

Perth enjoys more sun saturation than the majority of Australia, with an average of 8 hours of sunlight every day and an average of 118 clear days every year. Even in winter, Perth temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees, keeping solar  power systems busy throughout the year and keeping homes lit without relying much on the grid, thus saving you a lot of money.

Generous government incentives are also available for solar power installers   in Perth, helping to reduce the initial cost of installing as well as crediting homeowners that pump excess electricity back into the grid. Contact us to find out the current Feed- in Tariff rates in Government  bonuses.

How much can I save with solar energy?

Though solar power systems are always worth  while in Perth, the exact specifics of financial and environmental savings through solar  power in Perth  will depend on a number of factors, including energy consumption as well as the orientation, tilt and shading of your solar panels.

Available West Australian Solar Energy Rebates

The following rebate is now available in West Australia, these does not include universally available rebates such as the Small Technology Certificates (STCs):Distributed Energy. Buy back scheme -This rebate has been put in place to encourage home owners to make the most of their solar energy by installing a storages system. It offers higher buy back prices during the early hours of the evening, rather then evening, at the height of the afternoon when the majority of solar power is   generated. You can read our blog post on the topic for all the details here. Or see the government page on it here.

What type of solar PV system should I install?

Solar power systems in Perth need to be capable of with standing the heat of the  intense western sun and continue to work efficiently throughout Perth’shot summer summer. As with all homeowners consierig solar power, we recommend that you   choose Australian supported products with comprehensive warranties and after sale support in the case of any thing going worng, so you can always khow that you’ll be able to receive assistance. 

German Solar Power & our Perth solar solutions-

We’ve been servicing the solar power (and solar hot water) needs of Perth for   years, including residential and large scale commercial installation  installations. In fact, our Head office is located:- in 20/19 Supreme  Lp,Gnangara WA 6077,    Australia with a number of additional rural locations in place to service greater Western Australia – including German Solar Power

Solar Specials in Perth

If you are finding it difficult to choose, don’t hesitate to call us on 1800266878 our friendly sales staff can elaborate on any of these specials so that you make a truly informed solar power decision for your situation.

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