1. How much does Solar panel cost to us?

It totally depends on the size of the system, on an average it will cost you between $2000-$4000 dollars include full installation. If you want to grab this offer send your inquiry at info@germansolarpower.com.au or call us at 1800266878

2. Do Solar Panel work during blackout?

In a blackout the grid connected solar power system will automatically shut down and will cease generating solar power. This is required by law as the lines men working on the grid could be seriously injured if the solar power system would still produce 230V AC.

The solar power system will automatically reboot when it senses the grid connection is back. In a battery backed solar power system, the batteries will power your home till the grid connect comes back or the batteries run out of power.

3. How Much Roof Space is required for Solar?

The measure of rooftop space required relies upon the size of the system. For instance, a little 1.5kW system requires 12m² of rooftop space. This is in a perfect world an un-concealed and north-facing part of the rooftop. The system is secluded and can be masterminded such that best suits the rooftop.

3. How long does an average installation take?

It’s hard to say about average installation time without knowing the size of solar power system. Bigger the system, longer the time it require to be installed. Let’s take 5kW system for installation which takes around 3-5 hrs, start to finish.

4. What are the financial benefits of Solar energy?

You wil reduce 80% of the electricity bill. At the point when you introduce a sun oriented energy framework on your property,
you get a good deal on your power charges and ensure yourself against increasing power rates later on.
The amount you can spare relies upon the utility rates and sun oriented strategies in your general vicinity,
yet going sunlight based is a brilliant venture paying little heed to where you live.

5. How do I check the performance of my solar system?

LG Chem approves the Ingeteam hybrid inverter for use with the RESU Series  batteries – The Leading Solar Magazine In India
It’s anything but difficult to check your sunlight based energy system whenever. Most of inverters offer an implicit presentation that gives you a live information feed of how much energy your system is generating. Most system will give you authentic information demonstrating how your system has been performing over the long run.. In the event that your sun powered inverter is wi-fi prepared you can see your exhibition through web application on your mobile.